Charlotte Hat and Jersey for sale or trade


This thing is old. It fits funny as hail. If you have a man cave it’s perfect. Would love to get at least 20 bucks or another cool item back. I’ll be at the baseball game Tuesday. Just literally never wear it.


clt says that hat is worth $125


I was going to make the same joke. Beat me to it. The Zep is quick.


I also have this. It’s “and1” size XL. I’d like 50 for it. Won it at a volleyball game as a student. Doesn’t fit. Don’t know why in the world I haven’t sold it yet.

Just cleaning out.


clt says Clayton is kondoed


That is a sweet hat!


Bump for the PM crowd. I’m gonna post on ebay if no interest here by 5 pm.


You still got this?


Sure do! PM me


I’ve got a 2006 Players NIT Fossil Watch from our basketball team for $50 if anyone is interested Pm me