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McGowens one of those who should have stayed in college at least an additional year. Anyway, his brother Trey - who we recruited - “started” the Carolinas pipeline to Lincoln under Hoiberg that includes Juwan Gary (another one-time Niner target) and Brice Williams.

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What a cruel business at times. “Welcome back home Devonte! Now don’t let the door hit you on your way out.”

He got paid two or three million to not let that door hit him. I would enjoy that kind of cruel treatment. Now he’s free to go play wherever he wants.

I don’t even try to understand how the NBA works per player contracts. McGowens is waived and then a look at a Hornets’ Summer League box score and he’s not only still on that roster but he’s starting, leading scorer, etc!

From Saturday:

Yesterday’s box score vs Chinese national team:

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Summer league contracts are not binding for the year unless you already have a full NBA contract.

I’m sure they put him on the team to try to help him find another landing spot.

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Good for him. Keeping it going. I’m sure he was hoping for a full minimum deal but this keeps him in the league.

Taj Gibson is older than Marvin Williams and Tyler Hansbrough.

He was 21 before he played his first game at Southern Cal and 24 before he played his first NBA game.

I’m not suggesting the Hornets resign Williams or Hansbrough. We weren’t particularly successful when they were here before.

Lot a money for a mentor. Cheaper to hire him as a Coach???

Enforcer !


Hopefully he plays great and we can trade him away.

I don’t want to go to a game and cheer for this guy.