Charlotte Score NOT on ESPN Bottom Line??

Why is the Charlotte Vs. Houston score not even included on ESPN’s Bottom Line. This just adds fuel to the fire that we dont recieve the media attention we deserve.

it is, there’s just so many games that they have to do different strings of games each time it gets around to ncaabb

and we had excellent coverage on college gamenight, so we really can’t complain tonight, especially considering we weren’t even televised tonight

no its not on the bottom line, i have watched it go by us 4 times, it skipps from the Texas Tech game to Bringemton or something like that every time.

Nevermind, just saw it at the very end.

[i]Originally posted by 49erchimer[/i]@Feb 10 2005, 01:36 AM [b] Nevermind, just saw it at the very end. [/b]
The bottom line is organized alphabetically by visiting team. You need to look for the name of who we are hosting to find our score.