Charlotte @ St. Louis viewing options

game will be shown on fox sports midwest. Someone said this is on direct tv and not Time Warner Cable.

How about Internet links?

For Billiken and Niner fans in the So Asheville-Hendersonville area:
I talked to the owner of the Dugout Sports Bar on Main Street in Hendersonville, he said he plans to play the game on one of his many widescreens.
Not a bad bar with several Asheville craft beers on tap with a pretty good menu. Also, Main St has the at least a dozen restaurant options for dinner prior to the game.

For all of us attending the 2 baseball games on Saturday, Picassos is an option. We can head on over to Picassos about the time the 2nd game is over with.

Fox Sports Midwest is Channel 671 on DirecTV for any subscribers or for quick reference at your sports bar of choice.

Hmmmmm…wonder if any good bars in Winston will be playing this game…anyone know?

Anyone have a streaming link? I am at work so no tv option.

does anyone know how to watch this online? Its not on first row and I do not think I will have access to Direct TV since I probably won’t be out at a restaurant

Check the shoutbox at game time.

Go to the St. Louis Basketball Official Site. Go to Schedule for our game. Go to external broadcast. If you subscribe to the 49er CSTV for $9.95 per mond, you can watch tonights game. Time Warner Cable is not our friend!

I have the 49er CSTV for $9.95 per month sub and this worked for me. Thanks.

Link is available in SB. Not posting in thread.

(Thanks to Powerbait for the heads up on the link)