Charlotte St Patrick's Parade 3/14/2020

For the 8th consecutive year we will be walking in the St Patrick’s Parade in Uptown!

Please make plans to come out on 3/14 and join us and 100,000 other folks! Parade is in the morning, Irish festival is in the afternoon and for those feeling froggy the pub crawl starts late that afternoon.

The First 49 Sponsors the entry, the Normbulance will be driving and hopefully we have Norm, Cheerleaders, Dusters and other members of the Athletic Department. The bigger the crowd the better. This is a ton of fun every year. If you haven’t walked with us in the past, go ahead and put this on your schedule. Kids and dogs welcome!

I will follow up this post later with rally location and times as soon as we have the info. If you like to complain about marketing and us not being more visible - I am looking at you - this is your chance to be a part of the solution.

Who is in?

Mrs. NWA +2
HotRod +3
NQH +2
HOF Grace
Foster +2

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I’m going and I hate crowds, so there’s no excuses for all y’all.

But what if our excuse is we’re in TX to watch us win the CUSA Tourney Championship in person?

I’ll allow it.

Parade is in the AM there will be no conflict and therefore no excuse

Man, your airline must fly really fast. :laughing:


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Great event for all and highly recommended. Props to the First 49 and NWA for organizing this every year. I hope everyone will consider coming out as it is great visibility for our programs and a chance to show the community that Niner Nation has a huge presence in the city.

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clt reminds fans to wear green

I may be drinking a cold Lone Star beer with @49er1 that morning. I have already taken the days off, but will wait until the 49er Club comes out with a plan for fans attending the C-USA Tournament before I start booking rooms and flights.

Thank you for organizing this again, and thanks to those who show up to support our team.

I can’t wait! Barstool flag will be back!

Count me in.

Last year Fuller provided lots of swag to toss to the crowd, and that was cool, but we ran out prematurely. Aside from being more frugal with the distribution, I’m thinking maybe everybody should bring a bucket of candy to toss to the kids along the parade route?

Green bead necklaces would be nice, a la Mardi Gras.

Let me help everyone out here:

Candy idea is great!!

Coronavirus claims the parade. See you guys next year!

:frowning: sad reacts only

Sucks but totally understandable given how things are happening. Big thanks to everyone that was going to come out.

Scratch that… See you guys later this year!