Charlotte @ UTEP moved to Sat 2/27 6PM; Sun 2/28 3PM (ESPN+)

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Charlotte’s series at UTEP pushed to Saturday-Sunday.

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FYI - UTEP (10-10, 6-8 C-USA) first had its weekend series with FAU moved to Sunday and yesterday due to the extreme weather in Texas last week and then the trip to South Florida was cancelled after a positive test within the Miners program.

Anyway, these are the final regular season league games for UTEP, with Sunday’s matchup serving as their Senior Day.

clt is glad we avoid cusa tv

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That extra day could be the magic mixture that puts Rons system over the top puts us right back on track for a CUSA title.

All kidding aside, if you dont have kids that can take care of the ball, think a step ahead, hit chip shots or at least get fouled…the systems of any kind arent worth a hill of beans.

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Battle of the Pick Axes! :pick:

Geezus-----Sanchez looks like he has aged 10 years in the 3 years he has been here.

Wow he does. I said before this has to be awful from his end as well as ours.

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Women still on a Friday and Saturday schedule for hoops this weekend. Looking to solidify second place behind MT in C-USA East.

Did Sanchez get Covid? Not sure if they disclosed that. I know Healy said he had it. It’s probably just stress, but also kinda wonder if he is a dreaded β€œlong hauler” Covid victim.

I know he was exposed. I doubt is long hauler with Covid - more likely its long hauler Niner related.

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Then we should all look dead by now

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My niner spirit seems like on life support these days.


Women’s game is on Youtube. I can watch on my personal laptop while I work on my company laptop. This is ideal!

Just turned it on, 36-20 in the 2nd… Did a double take at the score until I remembered that they play quarters

Pretty good first half for Niners WBB. Jumped out to 9-0 lead and now 40-22 over UTEP after 20 minutes.

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