Charlotte vs Duke??

According to Lutz, it might happen. Only catch is that it would most likely be played at the uptown arena instead of Halton. Now thats a game I would LOVE to see happen.

The story is up on

Cool. This upcoming season? … or when? thanks.

i wish it was this year, but duke would never go for that, are they wanting a return to duke, becouse i consider that as a neutral game not a home game.

it would be in 05-06, or possibly 06-07. i doubt there would be a return trip in durham.

i too wish it was this year. we will have one of our best teams in over a decade, and they will have their worst.

How do you figure Chisox? We’ll be losing our starting front court quite likely.

[i]Originally posted by NinerLoudNProud[/i]@Sep 6 2004, 03:16 PM [b] How do you figure Chisox? We'll be losing our starting front court quite likely. [/b]
exactly NLP, i said i wished it was THIS year, meaning 04-05. we have Iti, Drayton, Withers, Basden, Plavich, Baldwin, and solid freshmen. Thats a hell of a team. in 05-06 we will most likely lose Iti and Withers, we also lose Plavich

Why does everyone always talk like Withers and Iti are gone after this year??? Hate to break it to you boys but they will be back and we will be loaded for bear…or Blue Devils, or Tarheels or what ever the hell gets in our way. In 05-06 we are going retro to the days of 77. You boys in the marketing dept. take that an run with it when you see that everyone but Plav is coming back.

[i]Originally posted by JKniner[/i]@Sep 6 2004, 04:15 PM [b] Hate to break it to you boys but they will be back . [/b]
You're dreaming dude. Withers MIGHT be back, Iti is definitely gone. Iti cant wait to jump ship. I say 25% chance Withers stays, and a 5% chance Iti stays. I love that optimism though, but let's be realistic.

Withers will be like Ryan Gomez of Providence…A very good college power forward with skills, but a player who needs to play the 3 in the NBA. He has NBA ‘potential’ but doesn’t have cant miss NBA athleticism and needs to develop his ball handling and outside shot to play the 3. He will most likely use next year as his ‘try out’ year and see if he could be a 1st round pick or not. Gomez sensed he wouldnt be, so he came back. The same could be true for Withers, just depends on what he’s gonna be projected as.

As far as Iti, it wouldnt surprise me if he was here for 4 years, and it wouldnt surprise me if he didn’t play this year at all. The dude is a total wild card (my nice way of saying headcase :wink: ).

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Get back on topic guys. I’ll believe it when I see the signed contract. Personally, I’m against us playing Duke if it means not doing it in Halton Arena. The uptown arena NEVER, I repeat, NEVER be home to the 49ers.

[i]Originally posted by HP49er[/i]@Sep 6 2004, 07:40 PM [b]Get back on topic guys. I'll believe it when I see the signed contract. Personally, I'm against us playing Duke if it means not doing it in Halton Arena. The uptown arena [b]NEVER[/b], I repeat, [b]NEVER[/b] be home to the 49ers.[/b]
I agree, it we agree to goto Cameron, they have to come to Halton. Going to the uptown arena will turn out to make it essentially a split crowd(if we are lucky). We would be playing a neutral game and then have to goto Durham and play an away game. Not a fair deal, although the money for the school would be really hard to pass up. Interesting and good news that it is at least being talked about.

They don’t have to do anything…they are Duke. If we get the opportunity to play them in Coach K’s basement we will be there. If we can get them on the schedule for next year thll be awesome. I was there in 88 when we let them off the hook so I would love to return for the rematch.

[i]Originally posted by JKniner[/i]@Sep 6 2004, 09:47 PM [b] They don't have to do anything...they are Duke. [/b]
That's just it. Why would they want to come play us in Charlotte? The better question is, why would they want to play us in Cameron? Other than the ACC schools, they play like one good squad yearly in Cameron, unless it's for some big TV money. Their OOC home schedule is Tennessee-Martin, UNC Greensboro, Michigan State (Big 10/ACC), Toledo, Illinois-Chicago, Princeton and Temple. Their OOC record in that building is incredible (but the overall quality of the opposition is suspect).

“everyone but Plav is coming back”
[SIZE=4]Eddie who?[/SIZE] :confused: :wow:

Why would they play us? Because they can.
We’ll see what happens. They don’t need to play for money, for glory, or for anything. Just because they can.

I’ll always respect them over UNCC-H, but of course I’ll never like them.

whoops. my bad. forgot bout my man Ed.

Play the game downtown as a one-off. Or as an annual neutral court game (a la UGa-Fla in football, minus the alcohol, tailgating, and hot women - it is DOOK after all!).

I doubt this is gonna happen. But I wouldnt do it if we had to go to Cameron to get the game. Not worth it. Maybe if we would have gone there this season, 'cause I think we can beat them there this year. But in the coming years - even if we do sign Beasley & Clark, I dont wanna be in that gym with an underclassmen frontcourt. We’ll get pounded by the blue devils & gang raped by the zebras.

Great quotes from Coach in the story. He addresses the ACC scheduling situation. Also, the Miss St deal isn’t dead…for future years.

What’s their last OOC home loss? Come on NA, it’s too appealing. I don’t think they’ve lost an on campus OOC game in eons.