Charlotte women on ESPN2 today at noon!!!

Charlotte-Xavier!!! Tipoff at 12!!! Series tied 3-3.


Sloppy game to start out. Hopefully they’ll settle down.

TV observations. The court looks great. Kudos to those who created the new look. Gold unis are cool but not sure I’d like them for men’s team. Good lower level crowd. Crowd noise/cheerleaders is good.

good crowd ? there are more cheerleaders/danceteam then fans

Something tells me you’re not really Ian Andersen.

Something tells me you're not really Ian Andersen.
Way too much negativity on you part. You have no proof.

[B]Xavier 67, [COLOR=Green]Charlotte 49[/COLOR][/B] :weep:

That 49 number hasn’t been too wonderful for us lately. Everything at Maryland went downhill when it was tied 49-49.