Charlottes New Resident

This commercial will be running during Fall College Football season in the Charlotte Area…

Very nice!

meh. Could have been a lot better. I thought it was kind of lame.

Produced on a budget. Glad to have anything on TV.

Did anybody else notice that the editors threw in a 49er logo on top of the light pole banner?

I mean, I could be seeing things, but the logo doesn’t seem like it changes position, while the camera does. Around 0:13.

Yes, that’s a bit of CGI.

Charlotte 49ers “New Resident in Queen City”

not blown away, BUT

something >>>>>> nothing

I like this better than the last 2 decades policy of not promoting anything but basketball and even that for only 2 months out of the year

True dat. Me too.


Very nice!! Oh and that 49er logo at :14 is indeed CGI.

Look outside RIGHT NOW and tell me, don’t you wish we had a game today? I can see tailgaters all lined up. IT’S A GORGEOUS DAY!!

Just saw this on ESPN during the LSU game.

Dang! Just missed it.

Very, Very Cool!

I saw and it was awesome.

here’s the longer one
Charlotte 49ers Football ‘New Resident’ Extended Cut Promo