Chat Information and Setup

The chat we have implemented here is fairly versatile. You can access it in multiple ways:

  • Within the forum it will show as a sidebar on the left (toggling it off or on with the bullhorn icon

  • For a more full featured Chat in a separate browser tab/window, you can use the chat icon on the main menu (Desktop of Mobile)

  • You can also access the chat with an app

To get your app setup:
Download the iOS app
Download the Android app

For the server address use

The login will take you to our forums login where you should use your username and password for the forums.


  • All commands should start with a /

/giphy searchphrase
/tenor searchphrase
/imgur searchphrase

Joining a Channel:
We have two currently - NNN and Politics
/join channel name

/poll initial question

Other commands can be found by playing with the commands. Start a chat with slash and you’ll get a list of commands to select from. It will only be a sample of what’s available. It does search for the command dynamically, so you can try various options to see what’s available.


Thanks Mac!

BTW, if you want to use the rocket chat app (free on Google Play / Apple ), I think you still need to manually type in the chat server. Here is what it should look like:

What does a fella have to do to be trusted around here?

Try again Hooner.

If anyone else has this issue, please post here and we will correct it.

I’m in, thanks.

FYI. The forum software we run here is finally building their own embedded solution into the product.

It will be in beta testing in the late November/December. I’m hoping we will go live with it at some point during basketball season. It should make for a better overall experience as compared to the hacks I’ve done in the past.


Looking forward to the relaunch Mac. Should be fun.

I have the same issue with chat.

Okay, should be fixed now.

I have the same issue.