check it out, CNN/SI article

Sweet pic, stupid write-up, but hey its exposure.

The same team that brought you Clay Aiken bobblehead night – a 9,105-doll dose of its star alum on Jan. 10 – has finally cracked the Power Rankings.

This was Jan. 10 2004.

With all of the incorrect headlines and tidbits of info surrounding our team (“Charlotte squeaks past DePaul by 1”), It really makes you wonder how much the press prints is really accurate, especially the teams and other stuff you don’t have firsthand knowledge about.

That write-up was worthless, wow.

And we interupt your reading for this important sports news.

Dateline: Durham, NC 2/17/05 3:45pm

Searching for a reason for Coack Mike Krzyzewski’s inexplicable collapse during a recent bastketball game at Cameron Indoor Stadium, Dick Vitale performed a nasal sigmoidoscopy on the ailing Krzyzewski. Finding nothind wrong, Vitale pronounced “Mike’s shit don’t stink.”

From the same site…

Charlotte a No. 5-seed

Their link to the athletic site makes it look like the Aiken bobble was this year – especially with the Jan 10, 2005 date. And, the article says that the Lutz and Cornbread bobbles were this season. From that, people will think we give away like 20 bobbles a year.

Yep, that story has trouble written from beginning to end.