Chris Reynolds

Like what I saw from Reynolds. Small sample size but I liked the way he placed the ball where only his receiver could get to it. Had a couple tough passes placed perfectly but not brought in by the receiver. Showed great quickness on spin move to escape what I thought was a sure sack then got 7 or 8 yards on that scramble for first down on the play.

Agree on all counts.

One of the best high school QB I’ve ever watched. This doesn’t surprise me at all. I’m excited to see our QB position play out this season! First year we might see something decent.

He was a great playmaker the couple times I saw him play. The CPC was a great football conference and it was fun to watch him and Joe Butts(North Davidson) play.

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Since you first saw his greatness, what do you think about Hill setting a path forward for Reynolds to be groomed for a future head coaching opportunity? (after years of experience of course)? He has already seen the life of a head coach, has had two very different college head coaches, been exposed to numerous opposition coaches and Charlotte position coach? Natural leader, driven competitor, winner…


Can Chris Reynolds use his Covid year at another school or does he have to do it here at Charlotte?

This is an interesting position he’s in and the coach is in.

The ability to bring back your all time leading passer and a fantastic veteran would be a huge temptation.

I’m a little shocked we have not heard that he’s coming back already and that makes me think either:

  1. He’s had enough and is ready to start the next phase of his life. If he does want to go into coaching then I hope he’s an assistant on our staff next year.

  2. He’s going to go play somewhere else.

I pick #1

Saw this discussed in another thread but thought the conversation should be here:


Thank god I was wrong on the choices. I should have had #3. He’s gonna think it over for a while then come back.

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And he is very correct. Our fans seem to think Joe Montana is coming through the door. Foster had a year to beat him out and didn’t. He now has another shot to beat him out. Doubt he does. Chris is a great athlete, he just deserves a better defense.


Love that he’s coming back…better get the d in order. Cannot get boat raced again every week next season and expect an improvement.

Super glad he is sticking around. Don’t think we have a ready replacement. Now let’s get him a working defense and win 6+. Can’t imagine we’d have a better chance at a conference championship before leaving CUSA with anyone else. Would love for him to go out on a high note with 7 or 8 wins. It’d be nice for Healy to secure our trajectory in the right direction as well.