Cinc vs Wake game?

For anybody who was able to watch the game I have a few questions. How did Eric Williams go off? Is he just that much more talented? Did he get the ball in the right place? Did he get a lot of points at the line? Is Paul much better at feeding the post? Just curious.

noone on cinci could handle him. it was a studdish performance. sure max went out midway in the first with 2 fouls (in foul trouble the whole game, complete non-factor)… and without max+hicks downlow… it was like a man amung boys.

he shot an insane percentage from the field. probably 1/3 on dunks. others he was shooting over defenders, spinning inside and baseline.
that much more talented? sure looked like it that day.
paul >>>>>>>>>> muhammed/moore
and yes he got the ball in the right place, not only from paul but from everyone else.

looking back you kinda wonder how cinci stayed in it. they didn’t have half the flow WF had on offense.

Thanks. Just curious how he performed so much better than Withers. Hadn’t heard Maxiell was in foul trouble. That helps explain it a little bit.

eric williams looks about 100 pounds lighter than in previous years