Cincy campers, where's your seat?

I talked to someone this morning who said that only about the first 35 tents got lowers. I picked up an additional student ticket about 10:00 and it was in row R of 205. Of course, I’ll still have my regular seat on the first row of GG, so we’re good.

We were tent #33 and got 203 row E.

104 Row D

Section 231 Row M

104 row H and I

So why are tickets still left in 205 when we camped and got 207, and somebody said they camped and got 231 row m. I picked up another ticket at 10 and got 203 which is better than the 207 where we camped for. In what order are tickets given out.

lol guys NLP was kidding. he sits right beside nuclear nance on row A.

by the way, I am in sec 104, row E! B)

alright i thought 235 or whatever was kinda strange, but i don’t get it when we camp and get the corner, and then i walk up at 10 am and get 203? Was wondering if anyone knew what seats are given out first?

131 Row A seat 14

Tent #84…203 row P

I noticed a lot of tent IDs were being called out, and no one stepped forward to get them. Perhaps they held them for x amount of time, but went unclaimed? Since I don’t think the ticket office would burn them under that scenario, they’d probably release them to the student body.

Just a theory.

Sect349 RowJJ Seat19

oh no, i forgot. I am sitting where i have been all year. 104 Row A. Seat 3 sounds good to me for Cincy…

32nd in line Sec 203 row G. Lower level went out in the early 20’s

32nd in line Sec 203 row G. Lower level went out in the early 20’s.

I saw a bunch of Niner Nation hoodies out there. They looked great. I was wondering were I can get one and what it would cost.

$20, pm me or OriginalNinerNation1.