Cincy Game

I watched the Cincy UL game saturday and we can BEAT Cincy.

They are big, and tough as most Cincy teams are, but if we run them , like UL did, we can win.

Will be difficult, but it can be done.

As for St Louis game, a win, is a win, is a win…

[i]Originally posted by sf49er[/i]@Jan 16 2005, 09:32 AM [b] They are big, and tough as most Cincy teams are, but if we run them , like UL did, we can win.


The key to doing what you mentioned (run them) is Mitchell Baldwin and barring a miracle, he won’t suit up. I still think we can compete and have a shot to pull this off but with Mitchell not on the court, we become more of a halfcourt team and no one else can push the ball/force tempo like Mitch can. It will be interesting to see how Lutz schemes for this one without Mitch. I don’t like the idea of slowing the game down against this Cincy team but I’m a little concerned about being able to run as much as we’re accustomed to.

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We will just have to agree on disagreeing…

In a half court game we lose.

Hmmmm…UC plays better offense in a fast paced style. Better defense in the half court.

We can beat Cincy period. Not having Baldwin certainly will hurt, but I still think we are more talented than them. For us to win, Withers needs to play like the best player or the court, Eddie needs to be Eddie and Nance and Iti need to play strong. EJ having a good game would help a bunch.

Goldwire is as good as their point right now, we do lose a decided advantage but not the matchup. Plavich being on definately would be a plus but I’m afraid this is type of team that gives him fits- strong and phyical. Please prove me wrong.

This is where our depth and Eddie’s versitility comes into play. Its more of a defensive depth problem losing Mitch. Hope we stay out of foul trouble and Iti has another moster game in their house. I don’t have a good feeling after watching our second half 'ginst St. Loius.

[i]Originally posted by sf49er[/i]@Jan 16 2005, 11:09 AM [b] We will just have to agree on disagreeing......

In a half court game we lose. [/b]

Who are you agreeing to disagree with? :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree that we lose a half court game against Cincy. We have to run to win and we won’t be able to do that effectively without Mitch.

the only way we beat them is if martin comes out of his funk,and,unfortunately I just don’t see that.He’s given us nothing virtually the whole season. I hope i’m totally wrong.


Does he still play for us?

What a joke he is. Nance could have a big game, we don’t match up well with cincy up front, but I believe our guards are better, we’ll see.

I just don’t see Plavich being a major factor. Huggins knows too much about our team, there are gonna be on him hard and the only shots he’ll get off will be wild ones…and you know he’ll take them. Iti can not play more then Nance can in this game. Nance has proven himself worthy over Martin in these past few weeks. We’re playing Hug’s and Thug’s, Nance is our thug, we need him out there to do the dirty work, score when he can, and not let Cincy push us around like they have done for most of the teams they played. Cause you can’t push Chris Nance around. Withers will show up ready to play, EJ is fairly consistant and I think he’ll have a good game. And Eddie will be Eddie, the guy you can acredit most of our wins this year to. He knows what this game means, he’s a senior, this is his time. And Lee is just gonna have to step it up, be a boost off the bench, or if Lutz starts him, be the glue for our offense, and just step it up.

Tough Game…LET’S GO NINERS!!!

Well, I’m not going to beat myself up over this game. When I went down the schedule before the season, I had this game as a loss, even with Mitch playing. A win here will go a LONG way come committee time but I don’t think a loss will hurt us too bad. But the more I watch Marquette, the more I feel that’s a game we can win and need to win. I don’t think anyone can really complain if we end up 2-1 with our UAB, Cincy and Marquette road swing. If we drop this one, we should be able to win the following three which would set up a big rematch with Cincy at Halton.

we said before the uab game we needed to win 2 out of three of uab, cincy and MU
on the road.
I still agree i will take two out of three

Optimistic View:

We have won 9 in a row. It seems we play better, maybe even more confident, on the road. We need and want to continue our road winning streak. We broke the Shoemaker curse last year and believe we can win there. Guys should know how important this game is to us.

Pessimistic View:

It is Cincy on the road. They just lost at home and that does not happen very often. We are on the cusp of the Top 25 (always seem to lose when we are close). Mitch is out. Game is on ESPN2 where we will finally get some national TV exposure (is Memphis the only CUSA team allowed on ESPN this year?). However, when we get a chance to prove ourselves to a national audience things seem to go wrong (or have in the past at times).

Like others have posted, if we can win 2 of 3 on this road trip that would be great. Winning 3 would be outstanding and I think we can do it.

Finally, anytime we beat St. Louis it is good. No matter the score, as long as we win I am happy. However, the game at St. Louis, like this one, will not be a gimmie. They could lose every game the rest of the year and I would still be worried about playing there. :huh:

Go Niners!

Anyone else notice how much we ran late in the 2nd half last night? Without Mitch our guys just gave the ball to Eddie after every turnover and long rebound late in the 2nd half and he took it down the court and made something happen. Mitch is definitely the best guy we have to run a fast break, but I don’t think our ability to run Cinci is thrown out the window without Mitch. Leemire, when he actually does run a break, makes some great passes. I think Lutz and company will spend the next few days getting Leemire ready to run more often. He’s definitely not as fast as Mitch, but Lee can still dribble and make a ton of passes no one else on the team can. The worst part of the injury will be our inability to deal with the press. Lee hasn’t proven to be able to beat a press yet and it usually ends up in Wither’s hands which isn’t good. I expect we will try to pass out of the press more than dribble out of it Wednesday.

This game is going to be tough, hands down the hardest we will have in the regular season. We get a mad Cinci team without our starting PG, doesn’t look good. But remember what happened when we got that mad Louisville team without our starting pg last season…? If Plavich and somebody else goes off we will be in the game and anything could happen. Will be a hard game, but I know we are good enough to win it, but PROBABLY need to hit more than 34% of our shots.

Next weeks hard. But the week after isnt any better. TCU comes here, and I know everyone will be like “oh we’ll kill them.” No we won’t, I know they’ll lead us in the second half, how much I don’t know, but I think we’ll come up victorious by less then 10. Then we go to ECU, a place thats hard to play and they played us hard here so…CUSA, no gimme games.

I don’t think we should all be down on Leemire about this. Last year when we lost Demon for UL many thought we wouldn’t have a chance. Mitch stepped up huge and played great. I think Leemire can do the same.

I also don’t think last night shows he’s not ready to run the team on the court. He got thrown into that roll against a miserable team to play in St. Louis. I think he’s capable of stepping up. Sincy won’t pressure us all night, and if they do I think Leemire is perfectly capable of getting the ball up the court. We’ll look to Eddie a good bit to, but I think it’s premature to write Leemire off just yet.

The key for us will be Curt. Curt has to show up in a big way. We also need Plav to hit the open looks he gets. Make them respect him out there it will open up the inside.

We can win this game.


MK, Yahtzee Champion? Your avtar should read “I’m a nerd”.

Your team will get a beating on Wednesday! Then you will be the Yahtzee Champion and a sad fan.

I think it’s hilarious that everytime we play a game, someone dumbass fan from the other team comes on here and talks crap. And evertime they go hey MK, yatzee champion hahaha…God, shut up. We’re talking about basketball, and how Charlotte, without our starting point guard, is gonna beat the hell out of Cincy, one last time in the Shoemaker Center.

Unless Huggins mans up and plays us again. But I know he’ll never come back to Halton to play, and Lutz should not give in and have a one game deal in Cincy without them coming back here.

Hug’s and Thug’s, over rated as always, we’re gonna beat them again, in their place, just like last year.

Lutz & Huggy are pretty good friends from what I’ve heard. Seems like they would be the team we have the best chance to keep an OOC rivalry with. Huggin’s respects our program more than any of the other “big” CUSA coaches.