Clarification on Media guides

49er club members at the $250 per year level and up qualify. The order of media guides was slow coming in. They are in now and will be mailed out in the next couple of days.

Call the 49er Club at 704-687-4950.

49er Club

At the risk of posting too much on the same subject,
Thanks for the information.

Got mine today!!

Should I thank gamer for being the “squeeky wheel” that got us the grease?!

I forgot about it and was not expecting the Media Guide this year until I saw the posts on them…then they “magically” appear.


[i]Originally posted by KTown49er[/i]@Dec 1 2004, 04:17 PM [b] Should I thank gamer for being the "squeeky wheel" that got us the grease?! [/b]
Gamer is more like a broken record. They just got the order in. Slow in printing.

Uncanny! Even as I was writing the media guides arrived.
Sorry to sound like a broken record but thats almost unbelievable,…unbelievable,…unbelievable…