Class of 2019 MBB recruiting thread

Yeah not really surprising. Was more surprising that we were actually competing against an ACC school for a player. Hopefully there’s another grad transfer big out there. We need some depth in the post.

Not a huge loss.

why do you say that?

Very soft.

As an FYI:

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FYI - Edwards redshirted his sophomore season with PC due to a knee injury.

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And that folks, barring another departure, is your 2019 roster:

is there any way to get the positions, heights, etc. of these guys?

old team’s website

Providence guy was listed at 6’4 I think , Guard
Bamba is listed at 6’8, Forward

Is Bamba a grad transfer?

yes he is.

thanks. i wish we had a “2019-20” roster board with the positions and heights of ALL the guys. my uninformed impression is that we are Guard-heavy in a traditional sense.

Bamba definitely has some size. His stats show he was a contributor. Maybe the staff can get something out of him. Maybe another Uchebo!

don’t we wish!

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Nice pick ups. Bamba should really help.

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