Class of 2023 MBB recruiting thread

Niners had shown interest:

Niners offered last month:

Niners had shown interest back in 2020 but never offered the local 6-8 / 245 PF. Among his suitors were FAU and USF.

Just a thought! Why are missing out on so many recruit offers? We have a vibrant city with abundant opportunities, a top notch university, well above average athletic facilities, so what gives? I refuse to believe our coaches are the worse salesmen in D1 but could it be the cheats of college athletics ( at least in the past) . I knew Rob Moxley personally and his view was they all cheat. Maybe I’m way of base here but could it be our staff takes the high road way to many times. Don’t know how this NIL pans out but I say let’s fight fire with fire. I agree with most of you that college athletics are headed down a perilous path with total destruction of the product that makes college sports so great. COMPETITION !!!

I’m beginning to worry a bit about basketball recruiting.

“Charlotte 2023 Basketball Offers”

Nobody wants to play for Ron. His record is dreadful and his style of basketball isn’t attractive to todays recruits.

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Good players don’t want to play for teams that are mediocre or less. When is the last time that we were above average?

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A blind squirrel will find a nut occasionally. There’s something deeper than just players not wanting to come. Give me one stud and 4 average roll players and even I can win. IMO it’s not the X’s and O’s so much as how successful is recruiting . If you can’t recruit you’re not gonna win period. You know potential recruits read this board so the constant bitching is counterproductive. Maybe we should keep our opinions to private conversations amongst ourselves and let Hill make the hire and fire decisions. Just remember his job is on the line too.

1.) Role, not roll. Sorry, pet peeve.
2.) Although recruiting has fallen off recently, sanchez brought in the top class in cusa 2 seasons in a row so its definitely about coaching and development.
3.) Fans on every message board bitch. That isnt unique to us.

As it should be. If he retains failure in the revenue sports for another year, he will also be a failed hire.


That was before the Portal became the problem it is, and NIL.

We showed interest but didn’t offer:

It just doesn’t seem to be fun to play under Ron. To recruit well with this system it seems like we need to win often.

Showed interest but didn’t offer:

Same old same old - were interested but no offer:

Meanwhile, the trip to Connecticut did result in an offer to 6-3 CG Isaiah Watts:

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We offered but he decided to go to a school that used to be in the AAC: