Classic / ICE cars ⛽

I can only imagine how hot that engine runs.

I wonder if it sounded like 8 Beetles without mufflers?

Interesting read from MotorTrend:

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So they are saying it should be GTH for Grand Touring Homoewreckedus or something? I never knew that.

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Offered as much for the commentary around Mazda not embracing full EVs as much as the discussion of this particular new model. I do think this new CX-70 model is going to sell really well in America for those that don’t need or want 3 rows.

The primary engine will be an inline 6, though they will offer a PHEV. The inline 6 will have a mild hybrid system attached to it that boosts power up to about 340 and also helps the mpg a little too.

I really think that kind of setup is the way to go for most people who aren’t city dweller / short commuter types, at least until SSBs reset the equation in a few years.

With a mild hybrid system, you basically still have a normal gas powered car… you’re just getting a little boost to the performance, without having to lug around a huge, heavy, and expensive battery. The batteries in these things are tiny and much cheaper to replace.

I got a steal on a well maintained 2010 Mini - Cooper convertible because it was a manual (which I needed as a tow vehicle behind my RV). Fun Car!

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I would love to drive that car. Be a man, drive a stick. Or be a sexy woman and drive a stick.

Or be a man and drive a stick so the sexy woman will ride the stick. Too easy . My apologies to the sensitive ones.

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Supposedly there is a resurgence of interest in manuals amongst gen Z drivers. Everything I drive in a reg basis is a manual.


My Gen Z daughter learned on and still drives a Mazda 2 5 speed.


I have had two cooper S convertible manuals. Not the fastest cars, but the smiles to miles ratio has to be one of the highest.


Yeah my sister has. JCW mini convertible. Hoot to drive, sadly it’s an automatic.

My daughter will be driving a Mazda 3 wagon automatic, but I’ll teach her to drive on my 6 speed Infiniti. Eventually each daughter will each get an MG so they both need to know how to drive them.

Be careful NWA you are probably limiting her dating pool unless she is a good teacher or you can be that Dad and not let them drive MGs at all. Lol.

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6 speed Infiniti is RAD. I hate their automatics.

Totally agree. Lots of smiles. Fun giving waves and peace signs to other Coopers too.

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Took me forever to find it. G37s hard top convertible manual. Not too many of them.