Clemson Away Game 9-21-19

It appears there are going to be quite a few of us going down to this one, so thought I’d go ahead and start a thread where we can coordinate. I’ve never been to Clemson but it appears the visitors section isn’t too bad.

Tickets are $40 through our AD.

There will be a bus trip (I plan on taking the bus as of now) and an alumni tailgate. You can contact the ticket office if interested in either of those.

*Clemson: *

Tailgate - $40 each for ages 21 and older; $30 for ages 6-20; No charge for ages 5 and under

Bus - $30 each

Look forward to seeing everyone down there, and making another island of Green in a sea of Orange like we did at UT last year.

$100 to anyone that brings me Howard’s Rock.

How did you find the prices?

After I called and bought my tickets the Ticket Office asked if I was interested in the bus or tailgate and they sent that info over for Clemson and Appy (Appy prices in that thread)

I’m in. I haven’t waited since 1971 for football to miss this historic event in NINER history. Not into the bus thing, so I’ll fight the traffic on my own. Cannot wait.

clt asks if this is a black or green out?

Don’t care. Going GREEN!!!:green_heart::green_heart::green_heart::green_heart::pick::pick::pick::pick:

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Let’s bring the #GoldBrickAs20ciation to Clempsun

So, reality and true meanings of words mean nothing today. Let’s just make shit up.

clt says CLEMPSON will be the fighter in black

The final game announced is an ACC matchup in Week 3. The Syracuse Orange will host the defending national champion Clemson Tigers at the Carrier Dome on Saturday, Sept. 14. The game is also scheduled for a 7:30pm ET start.

Clemson playing at Syracuse in the ABC prime-time game the week before our game.

Maybe we’ll catch them in a post-prime time national game lull for about the first 2 minutes of the 1st quarter. :rofl: