Clemson or $5,000?

  • Beat Clemson
  • Win $5,000 in Lottery (after tax) but lose to Clemson

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…Just because.

I can’t believe so many people would rather see us beat Clemson than have $5000.

I guess I just don’t care nearly as much about sports as most of you guys.

Rich fans

Not even close. I like money. But I love MY NINERS!

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One would be gone in a year - the other would be talked about for the next 40 years.


i would hope in 40 years, beating clemson is not still our biggest acomplishement, as big as it would be. how is this question even a question? it’s 5,000, not 5 million. 5 million and it’s a tough question.

clt would not be surprised if we cover

Either way it’s just a memory. I’d rather remember a $5000 vacation than a 3 hour game personally.

I suppose if it were in a vacuum I could see the $5k vacation. But given what it would do to elevate the program, it would have a ripple effect in recruiting, excitement/fan engagement, fundraising, and general awareness. I just can’t see that not being worth $5k to me. Now, as someone else said, $500k or a million and we’ve got ourselves a different story.

Y’all are cray. If someone said I can give you $500k or $5 million which would literally change most people’s lives and you even have to think about it versus a bunch of kids you don’t know winning a silly football game, then I don’t know what to tell you.

Dude, I would gladly take the 5k.

I’d spend the 5000 paying for my season tickets over the next few years.

There is little in life after the big four that I enjoy more than Charlotte football. Plus I could talk around a zillion dollars worth of smack to my Tigers acquaintances.

$5mm and it’s a tough question? You must have $50mm on the side. You went from $5k to $5mm… lol.

Someone else said $500k and you would think about it??? Only someone filthy rich would say that. Take the loss and give it to charity man! Quit being selfish. :slightly_smiling_face:

big four?

Not sure if you’re talking to me, but I agree with that sentence. Hence the “then we’ve got ourselves a different story.” Hell, at $25k it’s a different story.

5k? Meh - the experience and memory of beating Clemson - especially since I’ll be there is easily worth that much. We are talking what would be the biggest upset in college football history. That’s a once in a generation experience.

Now $50,000 or something and maybe it is a bit different. I suspect each of us have a dollar figure that it’s worth.

I don’t need the $5,000. What am I going to do with that?

The survey should have listed increments so We could choose at what point we’d take the money.

Make it $49M and we can fund stadium expansion. Win-win!

$5K nah…beating Clemson at home the year after they won a NC would put Charlotte football on the map for years to come. Also if we were good enough to beat them that means we are probably good to be in the CFP talk and at very least a New Years Day bowl.

That being said, I have 0 expectations for Sept. 21st other a good tailgate and great atmosphere.