Clemson or App State?

You can only win one this year, who do you pick?

Beating the #1 team in the country changes the perception of our program forever.


How is this even a serious question? Clemson, and it’s not even remotely close. They are the defending champs and #1 team in the nation. I loathe crapp state, but beating Clemson would be a game changer in so many ways.
We beat Clemson and immediately everyone in the nation knows who we are.


Which would you rather do? Win the $400M lottery or get a Bingo at the local Bingo center.


I’d rather scare Clemson, maybe down a TD going into the 4th and lose, than beat App (and I really hate App). Beating App would be a huge accomplishment for us, but it wouldn’t register nationally. Hanging with Clemson would immediately get the attention of a lot of very good recruits.

Clemson. Let’s be real, app is probs gonna skull drag us, but we SHOULD be beating sun belt teams.

app should not skull drag us this season. they have a new coach too(one who was run off at state) and lost some key players. we no longer have lambert. we can beat them.


Just a side note on this game, it’s Parents Weekend. Found that out as I look for accommodations as close to the area as possible. Slim pickings.

Clemson and it’s not even close. A Clemson W would rival the Final Four appearance. It would be program altering, App would just be a nice W.

Exactly Chidave. This question is ridiculous.

clt would rather beat ODU than appy

Beating Clemson would not only rival but would surpass the Final Four IMO.

Seeing how App’s win over Michigan changed the course of their program, imagine what a win over a #1 defending champion would do for us.

So, yeah. I’d take that one in a heartbeat.

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I thought this felt like an easy question with a quick Clemson! being the right answer. A win over Clemson would be reported everywhere, and talked about all season long, but as a “miracle” win. A win over Appy would be much less of a big deal, but it would signal us moving up, them moving down, and level the playing field between us for recruits. The immediate benefits of this win should not be discounted. As a bonus, Gonzo drink bleach.

As the underdog in both games I would love to see the football gods on our side for a change. Let’s get one!

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Nationally a win over App carries the same significance as one over a Marshall or Southern Miss, it’s bigger locally due to proximity but we’ve already beaten people multiple times with equal or greater prestige than App.

Clemson now…that’s a whole different animal this year.

Seriously? Clemson, not even close.

Would you rather have a Charleston Chew, or $50 million dollars?

Dumb ass as hell question to me. App is somewhat doable. Clemson could realistically beat us by 100 if they wanted.

Come on…

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