Clemson QB Kelly Bryant to Charlotte? (Hypothetical)

He’s being benched for their other QB. Failed to report to practice yesterday and today. Will be eligible to transfer to another school and immediately play in 2019 if he doesn’t play more than 4 games this year (already played 4).

We play Clemson in 2019.

Just a thought…

I doubt very seriously a starting QB at Clemson would transfer to one of the worst programs in D1. Talk about from the Penthouse to the Outhouse!

If he transfers…it will be to another P5 school.

True, but considering the proximity of our school to Clemson and the fact that he could have a revenge game next year… I think there’s an outside shot. He could come here and play immediately, tear up CUSA, and put up some ridiculous stats that might get the NFL scouts attention.

Opportunities like this are why I believe we should can Lambert early and have our next HC in here ASAP! He could have the opportunity to bring in a transfer like this while grooming his own QB as a RS that he recruits.

We aren’t replacing a sitting HC in season.

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Of course. It wouldn’t happen until the end of the season… But, the sooner the better in my opinion. I’m just ready for some change and optimism!

I like our current qb.


clt throws gas on this fire. What if we hire a clempson coordinator?

I would want to transfer to a school with a good o-line.

Quarterback is not our issue.

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He gone:

Good gracious reading this board makes my brain hurt sometimes.

If any one of y’all thinks we should/could turn down Kelly Bryant you should stop discussing football in public places. People are laughing at your opinions. I mean this to help. I like Reynolds but they aren’t in the same universe. Chris would probably tell you the same.

Kelly Bryant is not transferring to Charlotte unless we hire his best friend, his father, or an absolute lightning rod of a head coach.


Or he gets struck by lightning & loses his mind.

I generally agree that we will not fire a coach in the middle of a season; But what if we come out in a similar fashion against UAB as we did UMass? 21 or 28 pt down in 1st Qtr. I could see that happening again especially since its a payback game for UAB .

Outside of stranggling a kid to death on television, Brad Lambert will be here till right after the FAU game.

I wish Lambert had that kind of passion.