clip of the shining moment?

If anyone can find a video clip of the nasty spin posterizing dunk withers had early in the first half… I’ld be greatly indebted to you.

My buddy and I were talking…that is one of the BEST plays I have seen in my 10 years of watching Niner hoops (along with the Versile Shaw block from behind on a fast-break about 8 years ago…can’t recall who they were playing in regular season but seemed to change the whole season around after that).

Kicket Morton on WBTV sports showed it and then replayed it in slow motion. They should replay tomorrow.

I mentioned the same thing to BigTimeNiner that it was one of the best moves I had seen in Halton. He mentioned Rodney White’s drive and dunk on the baseline and I will always remember Galen Youngs 360 dunk the first time he was introduced at MM (not in a game but a great dunk).

The Versile Shaw block was against Memphis. I think the player that was snuffed was Sunday Abadayo - a transfer from Arkansas.

That Withers dunk was right up ther with the Basden jam at South Florida his freshman year.

What about Eddie’s jam at the end of the game tonight, that was nasty. Too bad we had to run plavich for 3 from the corner. I’m sure they never saw that coming.

Withers’ dunk would be in the top 5 of 49er dunks I’ve witnessed since 1976, in games or practice.

I agree HP. I told my buddy when it happened that it was probably one of the best dunks I had ever seen by a Niner since the Jarvis Lang era. As PI mentioned, Basden had an incredible one awhile back but that one last night was a jaw-dropper.

as i’m not in CLT, i couldn’t get it from TV… if anyone finds/produces a web version, please provide a link.

That said, Iti played with some tenacity/aggresion I haven’t seen from him before. It even appeared that he was thinking “dunk this shit” every time he touched it close. I hope he keeps it up.

In addition, it feels similar to the game we played in CH where we gave them a run for their money and shoulda won (the differences being this was at home, and we are/were ranked much closer to AL than we were to CH).

[i]Originally posted by Anborn[/i]@Dec 5 2004, 06:29 PM [b] It even appeared that he was thinking "dunk this shit" every time he touched it close. [/b]
Except for the hook shot from the free throw line that was a complete brick. :D

Couldn’t stay mad at him though…he followed it up on the other end with a good block. He played a solid game and I think he is going to continue to improve.

How can you list top Niner dunks without giving props to Jermaine Williams posterizing Brandon Bender? :o

Wither’s dunk is definitely top 5, but the best I’ve seen from a Niner is the Jarvis Lang dunk over the backs of a couple of Duke players on the inbounds pass. :o

Best dunk since Jermaine Williams against Louisville where he jumped, grabbed the rebound out of the Lville player’s hands and slammed it on top of him in one motion. It was crazy how unstoppable Withers was at points last night.