Clt asks who do you pull for? appy or CHeat?

  • Appy
  • CHeat

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clt says apparently they play this year.


This shouldn’t even be close. When comparing the lesser of two evils, do you vote for the guy that cut you off in traffic, or a mass murderer/rapist/child molesting serial killer?


clt says the appy cut you off in a kia because he had to get to work @ boost mobile


It would be funny if they played in basketball this year too…you would have people pulling for App during football then UNC Chapel Hill in basketball a couple months later.


who cares???

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Appies drive Suburu’s and Prius’


I have screen shot this response just In case we lose this thread some day




Tar Heels, never App.


Does it count if I’m App pathetic about this game? As in, “what if they played football and no one came?”