Clt asks who is disliked the most?

  • ron
  • mike houston
  • david tepper
  • taylor swift
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Close race between Sanchez and Houston. Don’t care much about Tepper. I loveTaylor Swift. Hot AF. It’s not her fault the cameras show her. She’s in a box watching the game. Blame the TV guys

So is there another option called “Taylor Swift coverage”? I’d vote for that one.

Hot AF? For real?

Dude… TS is gorgeous … come on man… or does she have pointy elbows… :rofl:

TS is attractive…not sure I’d go as far to say hot AF or gorgeous.

I’d save that comment for Ana De Armas or Alexandra Daddario personally!


Shes not gorgeous. Too skinny too. Now megan thee stallion…

clt says swift is not bad looking at all, but there are more attractive waitresses at your local outback

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Alexandra…YES, YES, YES !!!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

You forgot to list Ted_Liedlide3de in the poll.

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She did a great job in White Lotus. Much better actress than people give her credit for.

To each their own I suppose. I wouldn’t give Megan thee stallion a first look, much less a second.

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I’d bet my first testicle that these women ain’t discussing how attractive you guys are.

Hate for TS is jealousy. It’s the nfl you should be mad at for coverage. If people are mad at ticket prices to her concert then be mad at Ticketmaster. She gives back to a lot of people. I’ll just never understand hate for a talented person with success.

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I reiterate my earlier post:
I’m sure Taylor is a lovely person. Well, actually I don’t know and don’t care. Over the top coverage of celebrities is one of my least favorite things. You know what? Some of those celebrities agree with me.
Fame is a two edged sword.

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