Clt hopes the appys sleep well!

You win tomorrow, and we move forward with a new coach hired by a SEC AD

You lose tomorrow, and we laugh for weeks, then we move forward with a new coach hired by a SEC AD

We win.


I wish I knew who you were irl. I normally hate trolls but you provide so much entertainment here and at csnbbs.

Quick question and not trying to troll-Has the new AD hired any coaches yet? He seems to be an improvement over the previous AD based on postings but does he have a a track record on new hires yet.

Apps previous AD did a good job in some areas, a great job in other others, and got really lucky to land at App when things were taking off. He also came after an AD that was not all well thought of from the fan/alumni side. The previous App AD was a VERY mixed bag on hiring. New hires are never a sure thing to lead to improvement. Though Charlotte does have a lot of intangibles that can help the job search.

He hired the top assistant bball coach in the country without a site visit to campus.

Then that is a good sign.

Google is hard

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Good luck with your SEC AD. Ours has worked out very well for us.

Having someone from here respond was much quicker. No need to read an article when one short sentence will do. Saved myself some time.

And now for the troll respomse-I typed in UNCC athletics and all that came up were links to the school in Chapel Hill. I have no desire to read about UNC-CHeat.

That’s weird it only shows me Charlotte 49ers pages.

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clt says everything went to plan.