clt is not a fan

panthers with a dumb move to bring back peppers.

I am thrilled. He is the best player this franchise has ever had, and will be our first homegrown Hall of Famer. CJ, Pep, Star, Short, Addison, Ealy, and Butler is one heck of a D-line. Only thing that would make it better for me is Ogunjobi. ;D

I always enjoyed watching Peppers take plays off. It’s nice to know how much your university influences your work ethic.

Spoke too soon on Ealy. Just traded to the pats.

Please tell me this is a joke.

Moving up to get Larry.

clt says you are a jabroni. Peppers is a fraud.

Freaky athlete more than getting by on God given abilities, now old. What could go wrong?

F peppers! He left us and I will never support that slack ass. I hate this move. Losing Ealy is gonna hurt.

very limited snaps. 15-20 per game. should still have the motor for that.

clt bets the observer loves this.

1.84 gpa