Clt provides more Boone crime

420 grams of medicine is more like it.

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How far down the pecking order of acts do you have to be to get scheduled for a show in Boone?

What’s the next stop on the tour, Mount Airy?

clt wonders if they enjoyed the wendys

Boone has Publix now…they are big time now.

It’s a really good Wendy’s in Boone. It’s 2 stories. It is at the intersection of NC 105 and US 321. They put a Wendy’s there circa 1976 and it always did well. They added a 2nd floor to expand the dining area.

Maybe Wocka Flocka will add Boone to his schedule since he thrives on bad publicity.

clt says Boone isn’t safe anymore. The tweetsie railroad is bringing a bad element to town.