Clt provides the quail hollow fashion report

clt says lots of niner gear spotted on the course yesterday. Other schools spotted include:

South Carolina
ole miss

I had to turn down free tickets today since I was in Asheville.

Why is clt at the golf tournament when the Niners are playing home baseball this weekend?

I know this sounds like app fans bragging about bumper stickers, but CLT wasn’t kidding. Niner gear EVERYWHERE. Mike Hill has people buzzing. Was not like this at the PGA last year.

I talked with somebody today at the course who hasn’t given since Bobby and was going to start again because of Hill/Sanchez

Glad to have them back on board, but more glad that we had other fans that stuck around and helped us get football.

You’re welcome.

I’m more glad we had some fans and donors stand up and demand a change in the AD. Prioritizing sucesss over access. It blows my mind that so many stayed on the sidelines for so long, making excuses for one of the worst leaders in all of college athletics.


You talking about Lambert or Judy? :slight_smile:

The one with 3 decades worth of data.