Clt ranks N.C. football teams potential

Charlotte- up arrow, new coach, momentum, stadium expansion study is under way


ECU- down arrow, no coach, declining enrollment,

UNC CHeat- down arrow, hired retiree, had to remove seats, fake classes

Appy- down arrow, coach is leaving, concession stand food and drink are an embarrassment, winter is coming

Davidson- up arrow, will soon be a football school

Pretty bad when the only one that would comment on your post is an Appy troll. Appy says we are looking forward to seeing how Mike Houston does as your new coach. But you are right. Our concessions will improve quicker than your football team.

Good attendance today!


Better than yours…which was zero.

clt doesn’t post on the chat page for comments

I’m just glad that if any of yall ever end up homeless, you can take up residence in all these Appy’s heads at no cost. They just won a conference championship, yet here they are.

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