clt says debate if the anthem protests are impacting nfl ratings

Defense wins championships but it doesn’t make very entertaining football. Also, now we know more about concussions it isn’t as fun watching a guy getting blown up. Thursday night is over saturation of NFL football plus it leads to poor quality of play because of a short turnaround.

I’ve watched less football this year than ever before. I just don’t care as much anymore. Too much time wasted on sports. I don’t want to waste my entire weekend watching sports anymore.

This is me too. I have the games on usually because of habit, but I haven’t sat and watched 3 hours of football all season (Except for Charlotte, which I need to reevaluate those decisions).

I can watch NASCAR on Playstation Vue, or stream it via NBC Sports Extra or Fox Sports Go if it’s on a local network.

I can’t watch the NFL, period. Even if I could get an OTA network, I’m not going to watch the Redskins.

There is just a lot to care about going on this year. I can only care about a certain number of things at a time, Football kinda got cut this year.

I agree with everyone else - just a lot of interests competing for time (wife, daughter, yard, 49er football, etc.) and NFL got de-prioritized this year. Protests have nothing to do with it. I’ll never disagree with free speech. Nothing more American than free speech and protest. That’s pretty much how the country was founded.

“I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.”

clt says the weather is also a factor. warm fall

Personally I’ve watched less. Like others have said it’s a combo of things.

One perspective I did hear though mentioned the not standing and the black lives matter stuff. He basically said he supports the athletes right to say and do such things, but that sports is an escape and not needed in his life and that interjecting politics and “real world” issues made it no longer an escape. He said he watched one game and that was it this year.

I can totally understand that point of view. Sports are ab extra in life and when it comes down to it, doesn’t really contribute value. If there comes a time it stops being fun then you just move on.

The NFL has seemed rather picky lately though, between deflategate, limiting players shoes and sock options (really?), and some of the celebrations (I didn’t like the twerking, but the longbow thing is pretty cool IMHO). I’ve always been more of an NBA fan, but even more so this year. The NBA keeps getting better and the NFL just seems boring and petty. I understand that these are the best of the best teams and coaches, but I’d rather watch college, unless it’s the Panthers.

clt finds the nba awful. why watch when you already know the 2 finals participants?

The HB2 stuff where the NBA decided to pull the All-Star game killed them for me. I really wanted to get into the Hornets as I am not a traditional NBA fan. I am a huge college fan, however. Just the hypocrisy of doing pulling the All-Star game while expanding play in China threw me off. They are willing to take money from my community while continuing to pour more money into a communist country. No thanks.

My NFL action is down this year, I would say because the players today do not share the same values as me and it is no longer entertaining for me.

Unfortunately, I am not going to renew my season tickets to Charlotte basketball because I am buying a fixer upper that needs to be move in ready by June. This will occupy my weekends this winter and fall and I can’t justify the costs to do the tickets when I won’t attend most.