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O Busted

89 miles between the cities. That would be considered local so mentioning golf first is permitted.

I’m not following this thread at all

Sideshow, from the NCAA Golf thread…

[QUOTE]Little blob is an approriate name for what we got in the Observer. There are a few lines about the first round, Coastal Carolina in 2nd, us at 6th, and the other Carolina schools’ standing.

I found it online finally, under the “Duke lacrosse gets extra year” heading.[/QUOTE]
The golf team was mentioned in the Duke lacrosse story in the Observer. The newspaper that clt referenced put the golf story above Duke lacrosse.

clt says we have a winner.

It is time to face the facts of Charlotte 49ers athletics and the associated media coverage.

If the school’s most recognizable team (Mens basketball) were to make an extended post season run, all games would be covered by the Observer…twice a week, in the “Neighbors of University City” section.