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clt says this looks amazing

Same Ineos that now sponsors Patronas Mercedes F1. Interesting.

Well I’m assuming it’s the same…

Yes, same. Also sponsor Team Ineos in UCI, which is the best cycling team in the world. Formerly Team Sky.

One notable spot in the quarterly sales results is that even though Silverado sales were down compared to the year-ago quarter, it narrowly edged out Ram by 4,984 units.

For the quarter, GM sold 122,432 Silverado pickups, which includes light-duty, medium-duty and heavy-duty. FCA sold 117,448 Ram pickups, which it doesn’t break out by model.

It’s a consecutive quarterly win for the Silverado and that’s significant because the Silverado and Ram have been battling it out for what inevitably ends up as the number two spot behind the nation’s usual favorite, the Ford F-150.

It’s expected the F-150 will hold onto the top spot when Ford reports its sales.

That thing looks awesome. I am a huge fan of the old Defenders. The new one looks like a toy, I’m glad someone is bringing this look back.

Hope it is not like the old Defenders where you could not get them in the US until they were really old due to US Safety regulations.

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haha yeah good point