Clt says let’s talk being ranked

clt says we need to win the next few weeks, then beat Illinois on the road. Then we should be ranked 23 or so


Why in God’s name would you do this?

One of the Mod’s- Gulag ghostofclt for a month or so. Read the commandments, do some soul searching (assuming you aren’t a ginger), reflect on all you’ve done wrong here.


I disagree. We should easily be top 20. Our man Reynolds once threw for 500 yards and 8 TDs in one quarter. One pass was to himself.

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Good to see we moved up two spots in the Carolinas poll :wink:

Can’t help thinking that “conference” above would be a very acceptable compromise to the arguments in the realignment thread. How much fun would that be?

Yes, I know it would never happen. Sigh.

Up to 100 after week 1. Obviously we can improve but absolutely no reason we should fall below this for the rest of the year

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ORV :eyes:

clt is speaking this into existence.


Haha that is freaking awesome.

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So if I extrapolate a little and see where Navy is ranked ahead of us and they were defeated 49-7 by Marshal. Are they seriously thinking Marshall would do the same to us. Not a chance. I call BS on this poll.

It was clt who voted for us in this poll. :laughing:

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clt says it had to be cutcliffe

I thought the same thing when saw it.

Must be that guy that always gives Duke the 1 vote in the poll.

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That was always Spurrier