Clt says let's talk about our airspace being invaded

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Time’s Up!

So why again is China mad we shot down the balloon? Besides pushing the “let’s be mad at the USA” narrative. Were they expecting it to float through Europe until it got back to China?

Again shows true Chinese sophistication. They make planes that look stealthy and have stolen endless military secrets and know how from us, but how would they stack up vs an F-22 or even an F-35? Hopefully not at all. I do worry about barrage warfare where they launch all out assaults on say one carrier. One on one, not so much. One on 5, not so much. 2 on 25? Better start worrying at some point

clt says the only plane that can match a f22 is maverick in a f14

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Thank you President Biden for saving us from a hobby balloon invasion

Never underestimate our governments ability to f things up.

If I were throwing a child’s birthday party soon, I might rethink having helium balloons

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