clt says odu writer proposes blowing up cusa

[quote=“ghostofclt, post:1, topic:32391”][/quote] The writers states that as with most good ideas, this one has little chance of coming to fruition. First of all, he’s right about that. Second of all, nice of him to modestly point out that his is a good idea.

Silliest realignment I’ve ever seen suggested.

“[font=droid serif][size=16px]Let’s face it, C-USA basketball is a drag on ODU, which has better facilities, a larger fan base and better history than most of the league”[/size][/font]

[font=droid serif][size=16px]ODU’s 3 all-time round of 32 appearances appearances provide for such a rich basketball history.[/size][/font]

Conference realignment of this scale is hard to pull off because so many schools have to agree to avoid paying exit fees. No CUSA school is swimming in cash right now. Plus the new conference may not be guaranteed an automatic bid to the NCAA tournament.

He’s half right. There is virtually no chance of this happening but it is not a good idea.