clt says our promo video is garbage

clt would prefer we go back to norms laundry.

_ video is in sd, or at least provided to espn in Sd. Garbage

  • Marshall video was clear and in HD
  • our video is generic. Throw some numbers or graphics up there.

Seriously, our students produce better videos in their spare time.

I swear in one scene the woman in the middle has a tarhole shirt on

It’s not. I thought that too. But I replayed it a couple times awhile back. It’s a Greek letters shirt

I agree with everything above, baby blue (UNC color) should not appear anywhere in the video. I think all of the scenes with the marching band are from before their first season playing during football games which means it is probably from 2014. When they make another one (hopefully soon) it should definitely be updated to feature the light rail station, the Nascar racecar with the UNC Charlotte graphics on it and Larry Ogunjobi getting drafted.

Let’s just show the highlights from the Final 4 team and of 90-05, and then say “We were so much better then, but we are much worse now”. Do it to the music of Bob Dylan’s “I was so much older then, I’m younger than that now”.