Clt says we are the second best MBB team in NC

clt bets we could win 28 of 76 against duke

Asheville and ECU are right outside the top 25 I think though. Imagine if we had those upset wins on our tourney resume.


I regularly check the Disturber just to see how blalently their neglect is of anything UNCC. We’re witnessing a very good men’s basketball start but their website this a.m. had zero on last night’s win. Lead College Sports story was how good Mack Brown’s return has been for Tar Creeps football. Then a dance around the region with fucking nothing Charlotte. I wish our AD would light a fire under the paper’s ass for some coverage. I know this is beating a dead horse but I just needed to air my grievance. Go Niners.

clt didn’t realize the observer still existed.

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If you want to know about Clemson, South Carolina, local high schools, or UNC football, check the Observer. If you want to know about the home team that is 4-0 in conference snagging their first road win, sorry, you are shit out of luck.

It’s not even laughable, there is literally no excuse for it.