Clt says we had another great year

  • A record-breaking eight conference championships this season (Women’s Cross Country, Men’s Cross Country, Women’s Indoor Track & Field, Men’s Indoor Track & Field, Men’s Golf, Softball regular season champions, Men’s Outdoor Track & Field, and Baseball)
    ** Men’s Basketball won their first postseason tournament, claiming the CBI Tournament Title*
    ** Men’s Golf won back-to-back C-USA Championships and secured their third-straight trip to the NCAA Tournament*
    ** Women’s Tennis received their highest ranking in school history at #40 and made their first-ever NCAA Tournament appearance*
    ** Softball claimed their first outright regular season championship and secured an at-large bid to the NCAA Tournament for the first time in program history*
    ** The Men’s Cross Country and Track & Field programs claimed their second Triple Crown in three seasons when the outdoor squad claimed their fifth-straight C-USA Outdoor Championship*
    ** Women’s Cross Country and Women’s Indoor Track & Field won their C-USA Championships*
    ** Baseball stormed back to win the C-USA tournament and earned an automatic bid to the NCAA Tournament.*

clt aks how many stars out of five?

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Can’t vote for anymore than 3 stars with Football & Basketball still in the crapper.

And correct…winning the CBI does not change being under .500 (5th place) in Conference while going winless in the CUSA tournament…again. Not to mention losing your top 3 players in back to back years.

If Poggi pulls off a miracle in season (like he seems to be in recruiting) and finishes .500 or better…I could eek up to 4 stars.

But…need MBB & FB somewhere near the top of the Conference to consider any season a 5 star season for the AD…even with all of the recent BB, SB and olympic sport success.


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I put it at 2 stars bc of hoops and football. Those are the only sports that ultimately matter. Im confident in biff and if he has the year that he seems to think we will have, ill bump it up to 4 stars. Evergreen and donor growth are also a reason for my low ranking

1 star. The only sports that matter are men’s basketball and football.

Everything else is a nice thing to have.

And if conferences have to start revenue sharing with men’s basketball and football players you will see the required number of sports to maintain D1 status shrink to the bare minimum to maintain title 9 compliance.

There won’t be money for the rest.

Everyone that votes low because of basketball and football are being disrespectful and basically assholes to the kids, coaches, and staff that work as hard if not harder than those in the big 2. In reality, many of these sports require more work, strategy, and better athletes than the big 2 yet you belittle them because you aren’t interested in watching them play the sport of their passion. Nice.


The poll was created by a poster using a 3rd person schtick that loves posting female gifs that show them in an interesting manner…. The poll results could show 0 and I don’t think it should be taken that seriously. I think you should pm the poll creator and ask them to clarify the star grading scale here.

But I’ll bite, I’m grading the AD as a whole for their sports season and football and basketball account for 66% of their grade. Different sports carry different weights. This isn’t high school. Who cares about track and field, tennis and golf unless you have a kid playing or you win the natty?

I just changed my vote to six stars because everyone associated with Charlotte Athletics showed up and are champions at life!

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All of our athletes matter. Yes we really want the big 2 as you say, but I am proud of all of our teams and the staff associated with them.
Most folks on this forum have also been excited about the changes in football since November. I am looking forward to this upcoming season.
Not the biggest fan of our MBB coach, but the guys went out and played with heart to win a post-season tourney while the Holes were sitting at home thinking about the classes they were not going to attend.
All in all, I am proud to be a Niner and am looking forward to being in the AAC (for as long as it is intact). Changing vote to 5 stars


Dude, we appreciate their effort and success but we also live in the real world. There are 2 sports that make money and help grow the fanbase, whether you like it or not. College athletics is a big money business, not about just making the student athletes feel goid

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Ninerfan55 is a sportsist

What you say is the truth. Whether that is a good thing or not is a debate beyond the scope of this forum.

I did not belittle the other sports. I commented on my rating which is based on the two revenue sports.

As others have stated those are the two drivers of our athletic success as a whole.

And the other sports only are able to survive because of money generated by the two revenue sports.

That’s the reality.

I am greatly appreciative and have admiration for all the athletes wearing the green and white.

I wish we had MORE teams. (Would love to see wrestling added, men’s lacrosse added, gymnastics added). That would be AWESOME!

But the money is not there.

And the overall success of the AD as a whole will always be connected and judged by what we do in the two revenue sports.

At least as long as we are in D1.

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It’s cool that we are having success in other sports but football and hoops have to get better.

I want football to be competitive and win 6 to 8 a year. I want basketball to make the tourney on a fairly regular basis. I ain’t saying we need to win a Natty in those. That’s not realistic


Im guessing biff would disagree. Natty…yes, very difficult but with playoff expsnding, CFP absolutely is, and need to be an occasional goal

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clt says this is interesting info. scroll to the end for a good laugh

Charlotte 120
Rice 110
UTSA 104
MT 102
North Texas 94
WKU 77
Florida Atlantic 72
UAB 69
FIU 65
Louisiana Tech 57

clt says a guy on the cusa chat page computed this using cusa sports and championships. looks legit

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