Clt starts the odu game chat page

clt says this is the biggest game of 2018 against our rival. ODU backed out of playing us before we joined cusa.

Lambert will likely be 2-0 entering this game, and he could save his job with a win over the team we most want to beat this year

ODU is unquestionably the best team we play in the first three weeks. I’m excited for a challenge

We seem to fare better against them there (dominating and blowing a big lead in 2015 and losing last year’s defensive struggle ) than here. They return a ton of starters but so do we, and if we find a consistent QB this is one we can steal. If Lambert hopes to get to 6 and have a shot at saving his job this is a near must win.

clt bets this game is impacted by qb play

Probably will need to use extra seats too. Menarches travel well.

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clt really wants to win this game.

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Probably will need to use extra seats too. Menarches travel well.

Well played.

clt says we are making menstruation jokes now?

Just once a month.



When do y’all think fordham fans will come on here and start talking smack?

clt thinks we should be able to win our biggest game of the year v odu. They looked horrible.

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Met a large group of their fans yesterday in the Blue Lot during the first of many delays. They were great.

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There’s a picture somewhere on the internets

never mind

clt wonders if the hurricane will impact our biggest game of the year.

Opening line ODU is a 2.5 point favorite.

If there’s any chance of making a bowl and having any kind of successful season we need to win this game.

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Let that sink in. A team that got godsmacked by Liberty is road 3.5 favorites at our house.

Live look at the chances of this: