Clt starts the schools you turned down to attend Charlotte chat page


clt applied to Charlotte and NCSU, accepted by both and attended Charlotte


I applied/accepted to Charlotte and App. Visited Charlotte first and App felt more “run down”. I also wanted the opportunities Charlotte offered regarding internships, etc.


Accepted at Charlotte, App, NCSU, ECU

Picked Charlotte because I had a pretty tour guide that caught my fancy, and I always wanted to live in the city. I married that tour guide, and I thank God every day I didn’t go to a college town, so I didn’t have to hit the reset button on my entire life when I graduated college.


Upon transferring from the Pennsylvania State University I applied to two schools: Charlotte and UNC Chapel Hill. Chapel Hill were a bunch of see you next tuesday’s when I visited whereas our Admissions lined me up to talk to a Biology faculty member, who I’m still friends with to this day, to meet with me on short notice. Easy decision.


Only applied to State and Charlotte, got accepted to both. Decided to go the community college route and then transferred into Charlotte.


I was accepted at Carolina first but had the good judgement to attend Charlotte back in the day! I didn’t want to become a Biff.


I never gave it a thought to attend appy state teacher’s college.


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I think Grady Davis got accepted to UNCC and Duke and proudly chose the greatest school in the south, the University of North Carolina at Charlotte/Concord Mills. He is very proud of this fact because the degree is infinity times better than Duke.


I just think it is so funny that you all cheer for a school that needs to be clarified which campus it is. It is like cheering for USC-Upstate.


clt says poor app is redundant.


clt provides more info for the appys:


…and confusing. Does" poor " refer to his poverty of coin, of thought, or of quality or of all three.


I took one visit to App and that sealed the deal. Didn’t apply anywhere else, even with a 4.5 GPA and AP credits under my belt.

(I am not Tristan Harris)


Applied to and accepted by Charlotte, Tweetsie and Elon. Picked Charlotte…easy choice actually.


VCU, University of South Carolina, SUNY Albany, St John’s University, University of Maine


I had friends at multiple Universities in the state that I visited, but I knew that I loved the UNCC campus when I went to my cousins graduation in 1998. That said I had a son at UNCC, but he left and I am encouraging another son to go to UNCW for CS because it is more local to us. I also have a friend who did well in the program. Just be glad that we live in a state with as many options as we do. My step sister graduated from WCU and ECU. My cousins from ECU, Methodist, and Chapel Hill. Also friends from App, UNCP, UNCC, and NCSU. I lived in Iowa and there are 3 big state schools, Iowa, Iowa State, and UNI. They are all on flat land with corn surrounding them. Location is not much of a deciding factor there.


Undergrad: App, Lenoir-Rhyne, Pfeiffer

Grad: ECU and UNCW


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