clt's unc ch theory

clt says it is really quite simple to explain the popularity of unc-ch.

it is duke. lots of peoples seem to dislike duke due to the image of a typical duke student. so people want to support the alternative, even though the alternative is a school full of bigger d-bags who dream of getting into duke.

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I disagree. National Championships gets you fans, and Chapel Hill has a handful of recent ones.

People will support whatever team allows them to feel the best about themselves. It is the media who determines which teams this applies to.

Roy’s last quote here summarizes my feelings…

Roy Williams flips

True, but this is not necessarily the most important factor in ths case however. UNCCH was the most “popular” for many years without winning a NC (ie; 1958 - 1982 = no bball championships, then from 1983-1992 again. I know they have 2 in the last few years now, but they were already “anointed” way before those.

Note: sorry, I used 3 sentences. :frowning:

much of unc-ch’s popularity is due to the free promotional advertising they get from the news media. especially those in the news media that attended unc-ch school of journalism.

2 more afterthought sentences: i agree with Bojangles and Roy. I also don’t give a shit about unc-ch.

So you think their legions of fans you live outside of NC like them simply because they hate Duke? Get real.

They don’t have legions of fans outside of NC.

Yes they do.

No, they don’t. I’ved lived in several states. People root for the most successful state school in that particular state with few exceptions -Duke and ND fans.

There are fans outside of NC, but not legions of fans. I even saw uncch gear in Mexico - and no it wasn’t in a tourist area either, it was Juarez. I hope Duke wins just to piss off the “Carolina” fans.

My experience is the same, fans but definitely not loads (or legions) of them. The diff is that there are a few fans everywhere that pull for uncch or many other schools for that matter, hence why other non-state schools merch is sold in places like Finishline which don’t have a plethora of gear to begin with.

I saw two people wearing NC@CH garb at Safeco Field in 2005. They may not be the most popular in other states, but are still popular across the nation.

When I worked at Wachovia I spent a lot of time in Oregon - Salem and Portland. It amazed me to go to a mall and see all kinds of Pac10 gear and then UNC-Ch garbage.

Growing up in CT, where UCONN reigns supreme, I’ve met a decent number of CH fans. Maybe not legions like Charlotte but CH gear is sold at mostly every sporting store.

A lot of people think that having the NC logo on their car allows them to use handicap parking places.

Probably because they are mentally handicapped