Coach Healy - rumor mill thread

I’m putting this here for rumors or thoughts about Healy going elsewhere so that when he is on the Jim Rome Show we can put that on the Will Healy new coach thread

Putting this here may generate rumors that are unsubstantiated. Don’t encourage them.


I heard that Coach Healy is going to the Bahamas.


That’s true!

I heard David Tepper fired Ron Rivera to get into the Will Healy chase.

Heard that too! :wink:

This is a ridiculous thread. It’s evident he’s not going to Missouri. He’s not going to either Ole Miss or Arkansas. He’s going to stay right here and build the program and take it to the next level.


Rumor has it that Healy just signed a multiyear extension with a $20 million buyout clause. This rumor shall henceforth trump all others.


I recommend we delete this thread, or move it somewhere.


I created so that we stop posting on the Will Healy new coach thread.

If he’s going to do an interview, I’d like to be able to find it there instead of have to scroll thru 25 posts of rumors.

Missouri was paying Barry Odom $3.05 million a year. 1) We can’t match that if we wanted to, so any raise we give him would be irrelevant if Mizzou or any other P5 school wanted him. 2) Healy has not proven he is worth that much per year, to us or anyone else. 3) I hope he makes that kind of money one day, and we will find a new coach once he does.

Quit being cheap! pay the man $4mm

Told the team this morning he’s not going anywhere & he did turn down an interview from Missouri. But the rest of what’s out there is false.


Good to hear

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On a side note said his wife wasn’t to happy about yesterday at all she really likes it here so that’s a good thing also.


Well this is working out the right way - now let’s see Drink leave App so I can laugh.


Gray2 a beverage of your choice is one me if you see me at any of the events.

**havent got to any yet but will gladly take you up on that. **


The humor in all of this is Mike Houston. He weasled his way out of our deal because he thought ECU would be an easier & quicker stepping stone to a P5 job.

This situation makes me laugh thinking about Houston watching some snot nosed kid getting serious pub for MULTIPLE SEC openings after just 1 year with the Charlotte team & program he had and voluntarily & weasly pulled out of!

Best part…he’s still stuck in Greenville, NC and his team is in even worse shape than the job he jilted!


Love it.


Karma is a big ol…well you get it