Coaches and admin implicated in college admissions bribery case


Among thise charged is Wake Forest volleyball coach William Ferguson.



clt says free aunt Becky!




I don’t believe Becky Donaldson did anything wrong. She was right up there with Topanga for a young boy



Well, Hell. Everyone knows its illegal to use rackets in volleyball.


I can only imagine the amount of overtime spent this week nationwide reconciling admissions with current athletic rosters and reviewing the audit procedures.


The Stanford sailing team (get on that Mike Hill), got a 110,000 bribe to get a kid in. Kid wavered and decided to attend another school. The sailing team coach then got another half million to get a kid in “in a hurry”.
So the Stanford sailing team got 610,000 for get one kid in the program.


I have donated enough to our Athletics that I should get a spot on the volleyball team.




Fox has UNC Charlotte ties.


Well why don’t you tell us how?


He attended Charlotte when I did in late 70’s.


“Fox is listed in the 1977-78 UNC-Charlotte (now known simply as Charlotte) men’s tennis media guide as a letter winner. He also was a student manager for the basketball team.”


Well, you could read the article.


~Wow. Our alums/school are getting some serious national pub. First the deranged soccer player and now this dude.~


All I saw were tweets. Where’s the article link?