Coastal Carolina

Seriously, where did these guys come from and why can’t we do this? In '17 3-9, in '18 and '19 5-7 then in '20 they go freaking undefeated in reg season, ranked etc… . I don’t pay attention to many schools outside of CUSA and Power5, I know I am a scumbag!!! but I don’t monitor N Montana, W Michigan, N Illinois etc… Their meteoric rise is crazy. How can we take some of that playbook and apply here? Was it all a new coach?

just wondering

We gotta start by beating Duke…


Baseball champs, new football success, always play us tough in soccer. If we end up in same conference as them, could be a good thing

They have a couple of big $$ donors that are promising the world (and backing it up). That is instrumental to attract talent. Without promising a successful future, there will be no desire to experience the present.

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17k for a top 25 program against a P5…

We only had a few thousand less than that for Gardner Webb and we were unranked.

At some point demographics matter. Coastal is an actual small school (enrollment) in a small market. These are things you ultimately cannot escape.

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