Cocky Little Green Beans

Can somebody make a t shirt? Please. This is 2020 We need a cocky lil green beans t shirt.

That is all.


Had this video pop up as a suggestion on YouTube this morning. Probably because I’ve opened too many tweets about Cocky Little Green Beans over the last day or so & the internet is obviously watching everything we do. It’s not Cocky Little Green Beans but “Scary Little Green Men” could be an interesting intro song. Maybe we could get Ozzy to change the words to Cocky Little Green Beans.

clt says this is a new thing

I love it

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via Imgflip Meme Generator


“In my presence” is the best part. It’s like she believes the basketball players buy tickets to play in front of her.

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Arrogance borne of entitlement. They have dominated us at their place, so she expects to beat us there every year. It’s a new day, Kentucky Woman! :laughing:

I need the t shirt. Need it.

Mike hill rebrand us to Charlotte fightin cocky green beans

Who wants one? I need to determine min order size.


Needs the artwork on it

Fair, I’ll see if she care if I use it.

do you mean the woman whose quote this is? i thought the point was to embarrass her and the wku fans.

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I like this haha. Great sports weekend.

Waiting to hear back from The Saltrist for approval to use her artwork.

Bolder font

I will buy this shirt if it’s approved.

needs “little”

Her first comment didn’t say “little”

Her statement didn’t say little.

My bad. Sounds funnier with “little” anyway. :rofl: