College athletes and compensation - NIL, Alston v NCAA, etc 💰


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A 4-star QB…not even a 5-star…

clt says send this to Biff!

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Hopefully it fell through because the people who were going to write the checks realized this kid was not worth it.

Methinks you have to prove something to get a huge NIL deal.

And……. Isn’t NIL not supposed to be used as a recruiting inducement?

NIL is supposed to be between the player and those licensing his NIL rights. Not between the player and the school.

This situation is completely f’d up.

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Supposed to be yes but we all knew that isn’t the way it was going to work.


Do Appy players get homemade preserves and animal pelts as NIL compensation?

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Wetzel has a point:

We need to get some Niners in on this!!

I apologize if has been discussed on here previously, but this is the first I’ve heard of this.

Will this eventually be found to be unconstitutional?


This is bullshit corruption. It allows the NCAA to arbitrarily decide who they presume is guilty. It’s away to keep the Tarholes and Bama in the money

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I actually think its kinda the other way. In the previous version if they couldnt get the heels to talk to their investigators then they would likely skate even though journalists had found plenty of evidence and made it public. Will be far harder now and more transparent if the NCAA decides to not move forward with real punishment.

I kinda am torn on this. I think if the NCAA wants you they’ll find a way and only gonna be schools like us that pay the toll. The Bama ‘s and UNCCh will be fine they’ve already shown us that.