College athletes and compensation - NIL, Alston v NCAA, etc 💰

The irony is the athletes have this all wrong. They only make money for a handful of schools. At most schools it’s a losing endeavor and there is no money to pay them and that is absolutely true at Ivy League schools. The changes to help the kids at the top 20 or so money programs is just wreck things for everyone else.

I’ve said before when schools that charge student fees to find athletics start paying players that’s when it all falls apart.

Agreed. And I don’t think it will happen. State legislatures will not let this happen. That’s death politically.

As far as the Brown lawsuit. The players involved are idiots.

The Ivy League programs don’t make any money. Do they honestly think they do much more than break even? I would bet that most of them run at a deficit made up by donors.

The average college player isn’t even worth their scholarship at a state school much less the Ivy League.

This is the kind of crap that will make the Ivy League schools drop down to D3.

There already plenty of elite academic institutions in D3.

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Well, no secret why a former governor is the new NCAA prez. Especially one who is planning to spend the majority of his time in DC instead of Indy.

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I keep reading and hearing that D1 will eventually be paying players.

How will that be justified at any school that charges any athletic fees (over and above what’s needed for student athletic facilities/intramural sports, etc. (let’s call that student baseline fees)

It seems to me that any program that pays players and charges any athletic fees that go above and beyond the student baseline fees is a non starter and or a lawsuit waiting to happen. A lawsuit the school WILL LOSE.

Will that become the de facto dividing line between the new D1 or the pay to play division (whatever you want to call it?) and the rest of the college sports world?


Only a handful of schools can play under that model. If that is the direction we land in it will be 30 or so schools in a pro college league and then the rest of us.

Once you start paying kids I am not sure how you can enforce any eligibility rules. I think they are already questionable given the argument made for immediate transfers, etc.

I for one would be glad to divorce charlotte athletics entirely from the teams that play that model.

And they don’t get to take the ncaa tourney with them.

Let them create their own organization and they can bastardize student athletics as much as they want.

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At one point you are going to see the current student bodies resent the football programs for getting so much on their dime. It will be harder to get student support.

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Revenue sharing … With the players…

If only someone had thought of that sooner!!!

Hard to share revenue when there isn’t any actual net profit, which is like 90% of D1.

If your collecting student fees then there is no revenue to share.

Not saying that I’m against fees. I paid em and it’s worth it for the U as a whole, but there’s no way players get paid when the fees are in place.

It’s a miracle that they were able to get away with the stipends.

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Scary stuff for college athletics.

Money is shifting from donors to the school to donors giving the money to NLI collectives, and it is threatening the existence of Olympic sports.

I like his point about MLB subsidizing minor league baseball but NFL is getting away free and NBA is paying a pittance for the g league and still leaning heavily on college basketball.

He says NCAA cannot fix it. He is calling on Congress to do it.

He doesn’t want players to become employees or receive wages / income.

He says coaches and admins get 35% of the revenue pie while the student athletes get about 18%. He says the players should get more including health insurance for life.

I think he means he doesn’t want the kids becoming employees but he does want them getting a bigger chunk of the pie.

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Health Insurance for life? That’s a joke.

Do veterans who serve 4 years even get that?

Do police officers?

don’t think they do.

I don’t want to live in a world where college athletes get better health coverage benefits than those that serve in the military or police.

The entire idea is ludicrous.


Health insurance for life is a ridiculous thing to ask for in return for playing a sport for 4 years. I can see coverage while you are playing and continuous coverage for any injury sustained while playing but covering everyone for the next 50 to 60 years of life after college would bankrupt the entire system.