College basketball scandal


clt is more concerned that people would buy a shoe based on a players endrorsement. :sheep:


“No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public”


No, just bankrupt a few times. :money_mouth_face:



clt says watch good ol Roy very likely tell falsehoods, at least


Roy never did anything wrong. Ever. He said so in a previous interview which is no longer on the internet.
He does like beer, though.


Norlander and Zagoria, respectively.




Pretty obvious before the omission that there were payments at all levels. This happens in football as well. Too much money made not to be shared…



Today’s Observer’s Sports’ headline says an Adidas consultant paid NC State assistant coach Orlando Early $40,000. The money was to be paid to Dennis Smith Jr’s family.

Early was an assistant at Charlotte from '98-'01. He was the head coach at Louisiana Tech about a decade ago.




No wonder we were good then. :wink::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::money_mouth_face:


Here’s the piece about Early.


From Zagoria.


There are too many non-LSU state schools in Louisiana to keep them straight. Early was a respected assistant in the early '00s, so I thought he would have been hired by Louisiana Tech. It has the best tradition of those schools. Karl Malone, Randy White, and Michael White (current Florida coach).


FWIW, Randy White played at Maryland. Of course, Pro Football Hall of Fame member and FOX Sports analyst Terry Bradshaw probably most famous LA Tech sports alum.


I was referring to Randy White, the basketball player, who was a 1st round draft choice in 1990. He played 4-5 years in the NBA.

Michael White was their basketball coach before taking the Florida job.

I was only mentioning people associated with their basketball program.


frequentvisitor, thanks for the Randy White clarification!

And now the latest.


Self, according to The Kansas City Star , told Gassnola he was happy with Adidas before adding “just need to get a couple real guys.”

“In my mind, it’s KU, Bill Self. Everyone else fall into line. Too (expletive) bad,” Gassnola replied. “That’s what’s right for Adidas basketball. And I know I’m right. The more you have lottery picks and you happy. That’s how it should work in my mind.”

“That’s how ur (sic) works. At UNC and Duke,” Self replied.